Organic Antics
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Here we go mushroom lovers.  It's that time of year.  Nettle Pesto has been on the menu and we're almost believing the hype that says we're in for an early Morel season.  Scouting says that Morels are about to be plentiful and delicious.  I can't guarantee the first but definitely can the second claim.  Porcini and Fiddleheads are close behind and we're already doing Nettles, Oyster Mushrooms, and more.  Keep in touch and let us know what you need.  Call or e-mail for more info.
Do you have a prix fixe dinner or a wild mushroom event planned.  Give us notice and we can provide many extra varieties of culinary fungi as well as other wild crafted foods.
If you would like us to make our customers aware of your restaraunt Let us know and we will gladly link to your web address if you are utilizing fantastic wild foods.
 Please send us some of the best recipes using wildcrafted foods and we will post them on our site as well.
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